As a Community Living BC (CLBC) and Ministry of Children and Families (MCFD) support services agency, Access Human Resources Inc. has operated in Kelowna since 1993 in close partnership with CLBC and MCFD. The agency has established relationships in the community that specialize in providing both residential and community supports to individuals with diverse abilities. Access Resources' philosophy is based upon the principles of respect, dignity and personal accountability to provide a framework for flexible, innovative and person-centered supports. Access Resources is prepared to advocate with families to ensure needs and concerns are voiced and heard. 

 Mission Statement

To promote and encourage the full integration of youth and adults with diverse abilities into the community by using a person-centered approach in providing community support programs, functional living skills training, social/sexual educational counseling and educational supportive services to achieve the maximum independence and the highest possible quality of life for all individuals.


 Access Resources will work to ensure:

  • The rights of supported individuals are respected
  • That supported individuals develop and maintain a personal support network
  • That employees facilitate and promote the increase of independent functional living skills for all supported individuals
  • That supported individuals fully participate in personal planning as well as service planning and delivery
  • That supported individuals are safe and secure
  • That families and children receive support intervention and mediation
  • That advocacy for the removal of existing barriers to full community inclusion for all supported individuals in successful
  • That positive and trusted relations with funding agencies and community partners are maintained
  • That the agency's reputable, effective and efficient service delivery operations are maintained
  • That trusted and respectful relations of individuals supported and their networks with agency employees are created, developed and maintained.


Access Resources is a Community Living Support Services (CLSS) agency that exists to promote and support the welfare of all people with diverse abilities in a manner consistent with the Mission Statement, with the strengths and needs of each individual and within the principles set out by Community Living British Columbia, the Province of British Columbia and the Government of Canada, as applicable.

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