Am I eligible for Access Resources Services?

Our services are accessed through referral from Community Living BC (CLBC). Following their set protocols, CLBC establishes services eligibility. Eligibility is multi-faceted and not based on single determinants like IQ or adaptive behaviour assessments - these are only part of the overall eligiblity assessment.

How do I join the TSN Program?

To join TSN, you need a referral from your facilitator at CLBC. Both programs are by referral only. Once your referral has been processed, you will be called by the program facilitators to set up an intake.

Does is cost money to attend TSN?

There are some fees associated with the program. These fees are for specific activities (i.e. bowling, cooking programs, eating out, or attending amusement attractions, etc.)

Can my friend attend TSN with me?

Unfortunately the only participants eligible to participate in the program must be referred.

How long can I be a part of TSN?

TSN has unlimited participation, however, if you have not attended for 3-months, you will be contacted and exited from the program so that the next person on the list can have an opportunity to participate.

What are Access Resources hours?

Our main office hours are typically from 8:30am to 5:00pm. However there may be exceptions made for individuals who require services outside of office hours. For more details, please contact Angie or Sonja.

Is Access Resources open on statutory holidays?

Access Resources is closed on all statutory holidays and does not bank or carry supports or services that would normally be delivered on those days.

What is the main source of transportation used to access Programs & Services at Access Resources?

We encourage service recipients, families and home share providers to utilize Handy Dart or be dropped off and picked up directly at the office by families and home share providers. Staff is able to drive one-way, depending on location.

How does community support work?

Depending on what hours are allotted by CLBC (i.e. 15 hours per week), these hours generally include travel, admin time, and any meetings between service recipients, families and home share providers.

Who can participate in my planning with me?

Individuals can identify who they want to participate in planning (i.e. family members, home share providers, facilitators or other service providers).

How do I get involved with Access Resources Home Share Program?

For more information about Home Share (providing or receiving) through Access Resources, please call the office and speak to Jordan.

What is Home Share?

Home Share is a program where an individual with a diverse ability lives within a family or caregiver's home and is included in all of their activities. Activities could include support with basic life skills, budgeting, cooking, special holidays, transportation to and from activities and programs, and support with appointments and/or meetings.

What are the age groups for Global Groups?

TSN: 19-25 years

MAC/Ladies Day/Men's Group: 25 years+